______________/You Decide

Why do people run after money? What’s the point? You’ll live in a lavish mansion, drive a luxury car, wear one of a kind designer clothes, eat exquisite food, etc etc..

But you will never enjoy the sensitive touch of a dew drop falling on your roughed up face; sliding down from the pearl in your eye to the valley on your slender neck…

The joy you gain from waking up every morning under the clouds and sun of a far away plain; a land which is not bound by the restrictions of society and its snakes…where neither you are the brightest nor the dullest flower in the lot….

Because you’re a flower whose scent can only spread and never be contained… no jar is big enough to prevent you from flowing freely; jumping from one wave of air to another…And with each jump you’ll realize…????? …

Isn’t that the question of life? heh..May be not…


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