The Communist

Communists are people who idly love. Communists are people who purposefully kill. Communists are people who purposefully kill for the idle love. This is how I have always understood communism. It has never been a solitary idol. It is not the act of killing to secure power or force love for the other. Communism has always been about, ironically for some, the procurement of love. What a communist so deeply desires is not the power to control or the lust to kill those he despises, rather all he wishes to attain and maintain is his notions of what love should aim to be. He believes love is not an indulgence, it is a cause. It is not an intimate moment between a pair, but a medium of renouncement with all. Renouncement of the many that aim to limit the collective harmony of all. Love is a cause to  enjoy with all. His notions of love come not from the rhymes of a verse or from the exertions of a woman, it is an observation of blunt existence. He sees that the only assurance that lies within the know, is that of death.  Love is not a medium to happiness, it seen the meaning of happiness.  He is afraid of the unknown, so in vain tries to  harbour the known. He lives to abstain all from death, unless for the cause of sustaining life. Love for him, is life for all. If all are living well then no one is death. There is no incite for revenge, lust of earnings or the hunger for glory. Every man has all he needs, at least enough to abstain from encountering death.


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