Observance is Existence

You grow up with this notion that there are only two things in life that you really need – Love and Friendship. This is not as it seems. These are only two things in life that you can really have, everything else is unknowing self-indulgence. There is this presumption that life is a divine being, which must have a reason or purpose for each act or event. The separation within a person’s belief in knowing there is meaning within life and finding meaning within life, is the knowing of all of one’s presumptions. Reality is meaningless. What lies in this void of meaning are mere abstractions for dire complexities, an indulgence within a world that pre-dates our existence. There is no pre-destined purpose in earning money, starting a family or even wanting to fight for something. What is all this directed towards? Being happy? For that we have love and friendship, then why such excess? Is it all about suppressing our subconscious that keeps shouting and screaming in rage against every idiosyncratic thought we have ever had? Be good because there is God waiting to reward you! Obey the rules because society is for the common and not the few! Life is too meaningful to be ignored! Are all these are but mere existential attributes to our existence, like the flight of a bird or  the splash of a fish? Are we humans from nature configured to construct our own rationale of existence, no matter how false or contradictory it may be? Are we no different from the ants, apart from our size and structure? Or is that there comes a day when you stop living, and transcend into the experience of reality. The day you realize that life is not all that it is made up to be. Life is the mere observance of existence, consequently death being merely the end of observance. It is the observance of movement and interaction. As you unravel the circumventing emptiness with each knowing of your assumptions, one finds it harder and tougher to communicate and associate an action or reason of thought in our experience. One no longer feels the need to pamper an abstract requirement that retains no significance apart from conditioning a convention.


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