The Allegory of the Online Community

Existence is a conscious phenomenon of self-evident awareness about one’s being and surroundings to be here and felt.  It is something that cannot be tried, tested and analyzed; it is merely an experience that cannot be articulated within its limits. It is like an allegory for an articulated attempt at exchange of what it meant by being within the orb of a virtual living into which we were born, live and know only about, one identical to what humans have created in the present and is classified as the online community. A virtual reality where all that is know is numbers, software, programs and so forth, similar to being induced within the confines of the internet and personal computers. Here the personal computer acting as a simile for a sole individual and the internet as his or her channel way into communication and expression with like beings. What would our experience of such a reality be? Similar to the operation of the present reality, we may be capable of understanding, manipulating and constructing within the limits of this existence, like what we have achieved with the sciences in the present. We may come to know about the numerous permutations and combinations of binary sequences which we could exploit for our advantage, while on the other hand being unsuccessful in deciphering them to secure the meaning that lay hid within the codes of this consistent realm. The being of the online community came through the prospects of a language, different than its own, that arranged itself around the task of inducing a semi-reality within reality, meaning that to create existence within the lingual construct of an individual or group of individuals that stand in the exterior of the reality of the beings existing within the boxed realm. The individuals within the online world may withhold the information to change the outlook of the virtual organization, but never attain the knowledge about its dedicated purpose. In layman’s terms, we would like a program which could perform any function it could construe, but never know which one of the entire infinite choices truly is regarded to be innate to our existence, if there is any at all. Hence, like the articulation of the virtual orb which cannot be communicated through the ones and zeros of binary, without knowing of the language behind its creation, the being of existence cannot be communicated and understood within itself, unless exiting and indulging in a parent reality that lay exterior to our own.


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