Within this experience of existence, anything that fulfills at least one of the three characteristics- can be observed, rubbed against or consumed in, is called on to be a thing. These characteristics of a thing, consequently, carry through a division to the notions of our experiences in existence. Our experiences are twofold. The initial two traits define all that exists within the physical experience of existence. These are experiences that demonstrate all that can be observed or felt by touch. For instance, water, earth and air are demonstrated to be things, seeing that water and earth can be seen and felt while air, not being directly visible to our eyes, can be felt by the touch of its collision with our body.  Emotional experiences are the latter part of the whole, being experience of existence. These are the experiences that render the final condition of a thing. These experiences, unlike physical ones, do not carry sensations whose foundations are considered being exterior to our bodies, but rather originating from within. Instead of being instigated by a thing that causes a reaction on coming in contact with our bodies, whether visually or bodily, emotions are feelings that consume our body from within to encourage a reaction. Even though emotion reactions originate from the interior of our body, their occurrence is also provoked from the exterior. It is only after significant effects of events that take place in our physical existence that the emotional experiences begin to inculcate us. Like in the case of love, it is an emotion that is always induced from the primary direct consequence of ever being in the presence of a thing, which can later be induced even after the thing ceases to be present.


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