We humans are great imitators. Through the progression of time, all that we humans have made and broken is derived from our imitations of our surrounding. Our behaviour being is no more than ours than just a sight of how we see things and beings around us behave. Our wants, repulsions, thoughts, and actions have all at one time or the other been taken from what we felt advantageous in others, even the notion of something being to our advantage or in our interest was imitated by us from others. What more is expected from an empty pot drowning in the ocean?  The human mind has filled its chambers with all of its observance of experiences.  Yet, there lies a function which like all that has originated in our understanding of existence has enabled us to return to the vacuum of an empty pot or a free mind, the function known as questioning. With the dispersion of each of our abstractions, assumptions and conventions, the weight of directional objectives seem continually lighter. The world is an empty place with each unanswered question.


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