1/9/2012 12:56

Today I enjoyed the cold breeze, something questions my sanity. There is nothing else left to do, but enjoy the warm curl of the morning sun and the rhyming breeze with quintessential harmonic tones played through the rough patches of my baggy hair. This is all that is left. You think doing would be enough, but when has love saved lives? It always begs more for sacrifice, nothing is ever enough. And to question, is nothing less than sacrilege. Just because you love, does that mean everything is back to being the normal it once was? Is sanity this cheap that a simple peck on the cheek from your heart wrenching crush is enough to win back this lost pride. I am sane, the act  of every respectable “citizen.” Is this all that is? Love for the sake of being cheaply sane. You follow someone new, and forgot the person you where because this all now that you can be. You are a file holder, a bank teller, a safeguard for this another being. There is no care for your service, only the art that you carry.  Everything that was once funny, is now serious. There is no times for jokes now, yet the mind remains as vile and dirt filled as it always used to be. The world remains, only the smile is turned around for the sake of the sagging mind. The colors are more vivid and the sky is a tiny bit more blue than the usual. But no one cares, it has always been about the art, forget your empty sky. There are no dreams among the clouds, only ten new ways of looking down funny. Why do we even care? Let’s just keeping doing our jobs, and keep our heads locked between our shoulders. Bowed heads are the things that make dangerous things, but we all need something new to do everyday. All may come out gibberish, but that’s what you do when there is nothing new to do.


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