Why do you want to be free?

Why do you want to be free?
There is only freedom here.
No hoofs of hounding cows stressing the aggravation of human deities
No excretions of transcendent vigilances detailing my presence
No enigmatic hostels whose pupils dispel calligraphic petals landing on each man and woman’s shoulder
No days of rejuvenation after momentous leaps
No sounds of shattering glass that tell what there isn’t to say
No seeds of oak that ripened in the cages
No means of efficient excretions that lay submersed in cognizance
No truths of complacent pulleys that dread in the hex of decadent tries
No heaps of eminent sticks that twitch for him or her
No rejections of profile indentations
No tells of the mountain sky that lays bare in a silk dress
Dispel forgotten glories, for this is what your tart desires.


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