An Epilogue: The End for Us All is the Same – Liberation of Man

We all are here for the same end we seek to achieve. A liberation of ourselves, a being that is only you and nothing else. We all are fighting towards this end in one end or another. Some fight to be themselves by breaking the barriers of laws/oppression, others through overcoming the limits of our natural talent and many others in countless individual forms. But we all being men, are joined and stacked together in a single file. We all fight for different things, but all we fight for is together the sum of what a being or a self would be. A being that is itself an act, a separate universe. A universe of being distinct from the rehashing mess of nature and creature we currently reside within. We all may walk alone, but we move together. Mankind fights together, even when against, because when everything is nothing there remains none that goes untested. We all fight to get rid of the void, even though it is witnessed in an individual form with each set of eyes. No single man can win or attain the end, but collectively we all can fight and overcome. We can overcome a lot, but the end can never be distributed or shared. We live the curse of fighting together against each other to collectively attain an end that is not singular. It is only when everything is diminished that we stand upon the dust of what we can rebuild with. We can only finish. We can only finish everything, may be, but never stand at the end. This is the safe we can crack, but never reach for the riches within. Yet, we live. We live because we think we can, in spite of knowing the truth. men have sacrificed since times on. It is the ultimate end for an end, and one cannot say he has done everything to end everything unless he has ended himself in some form of individually deemed sufficient sacrifice or not. There is no life, apart from sacrifice for an end. We don’t attain rest from the void, but the last moment of our time where we can say “I have done everything’ as one dies. The moment where everything we do for everything, both stand by and meet as it all goes back to nothing. A nothing where we have lost all our work, but leave behind fragments that recycles the system by inspiring new wheels that go nowhere to earn nothing in order to be something new and particularly individual.

Nothing is the absence of the want of anything – hunger, lust, meaning, etc. We eat to remove hunger, have sex to rid us of lust or die to rid sight of meaning. Sacrifice is an end for in order to be nothing.  We all are fighting towards it, everyday. With each fight we remove something, and at death we remove everything/ And for a moment we are nothing as everything we remove is side by side with everything for nothing, and then nothing comes and everything dies. Along with everything, our will to be something other than everything.

I cannot tell this to true or false as even if it was true or false, I would be doing the same in each case – removing everything. Two identical numbers cannot be differentiated, only reduced to the minimum, which being zero – sum of nothing. Both truths, true or false, carry nothing because it is something we wish to create, is what is the answer. We can never go beyond zero, hence, nothing can be proved or denied, but everything can be lived.


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