The Grey Life (2006)

My 1st piece of writing ever, excuse the bad grammar.

It was a bitter and chilly winter day. I was on my way back home from the school. I 

took the same bus that I took every other school day and expected the same boring 

ride home that in time took only twenty to thirty minutes but felt like an decade. I took 

the same old window seat as I like glancing out the window on the way home as it was 

the only means of entertainment available. But the ride ended up becoming one of the

 most eye openings and inspiring experiences of my short life. On the way home, the bus

 stopped at a traffic signal and there I noticed him while glancing endlessly out the

window. He was an old man carrying a rectangular box which appeared to be twice his

 size. I guessed he was in his eighties. He appeared as a tall, wrinkly and somewhat pale 

looking individual. He was barley able to carry that enormous box but managed quite 

well compared to any other individual of his age whom I knew. Seeing the old man I felt 

helpless and also angry as to how nobody around him offered to assist him. I admired the 

old man’s spirit as anybody else in his place would have waited for someone to 

help him or her. Finally, he found a spot to rest under an old oak tree which stood just beside 

the highway. The tree just like the old man survived in spite of all odds in a densely

 populated and demanding area. The old man pulled out a small rug from his box and laid

 it out on the rough and bumpy floor and sat on it. He appeared to be mumbling to 

himself, maybe because he did not have any family or friends to share his feelings with. He 

started placing objects out of his rectangular box and on to the rug. They were mainly cigarette 

packs and tobacco packets. He had opened his own little stall that may have been his 

only source of income and livelihood. Then I noticed the various religious posters and 

stickers that were stuck on the lid of the rectangular box ,which he had now positioned

 vertically as a barrier to prevent someone from looking into it as he was hiding

 something. They indicated that he had still not lost his faith and must have believed that it

 was god who would have been testing him and would reward him later. Suddenly the 

earth started to tremble and the old man stated to move away from me. But then I realized

 that it was the bus which began to move again as the traffic light turned green. I became

 so glued in observing every little aspect and movement of the old man that I lost track of

 the surroundings around me. However, I still kept watching him as he disappeared in the

distance, not knowing that how he had inspired an individual to never lose hope and faith

 during the journey of life.


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