The Happiest Solitary Day

Everyday you wake up towards something, not this day. There are many who warn against the plights of solitude, but only a stretched mind within the bounds of vision and reality can enjoy the relief of paralyzing knots. It starts like no other, but requires an initial push outside the door and a chaste stroll towards your way. It starts with going beyond to see a place you haven’t seen before or like to see again. Passing through turns and streets that are too unknown that they look strikingly familiar on the way. From feeling the exteriors of high standing primitive towers, surrounded by guests and visitors, to dropping within the hallow empty shells of even emptier luxurious graves, you learn all through the way. You act like you should, but like never did before, and walk into pinch filled hearty conversations with ones you’ll never know. You now see those that would otherwise never lay before your eyes.You see a bored lover waiting for the other, the eager journeys of young souls that are thwarted by their brothers and sisters, or the fertile curves of cloudy women who see as no other. You walk through the heat and past, joyous of the rebellious company of the one and the other. You react to the ending rainfall with an unyielding barefoot walk through gullible streets that are bewildered by your lonely choices. You end your hunger with unlikely corners and end your tire with a choice of nap of where you may. And in between somewhere, you stop and ponder as to where you lay, not to where you stand.


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