There is Nothing After Death That Regrets


The Three Men At Infinity, 2012, Kapil Vachhar, Screen Print


Once you die, like all matter, so changes yours. We never cease to exist , only change our form of existence. The body turns from nurturing food to repulsing dirt and eventually into anonymous dust. Nothing is left unchanged, and yet everything stills remains. Like everything, so changes our consciousness into another thing, and so when it does not meet god at the end there is nothing that regrets after death, as it has moved onto being something else. The world keeps on rotating, changing and still remaining. Everything is forever in it maintained, whether one may think of self as a thinking part or an uneventful prisoner. Everything is forever waiting there to be recreated, and yet it will never be. You are gone, but you never leave. This is the end and its both terrifying and pointless to worry about, because once you are gone there is nothing after death that ever regrets. But, if only our emotions pegged with reason and not the usual dismay.


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