Novelty of Activism & Its Lack of Imagination

Activism around the world, particularly in India, has been reduced to an ill-defined attitude of unrelenting rage towards a marginally understandable disarray of mass observations. Concise reasoning and rampant objectivity have lost all their valor, as more each day reach for easy numbers and popularized statements of pseudo-revolutionaries instead. Activism today is no less pronounced on novelty since the salt marches by Gandhi. It required showmanship before, and so does it today. The essential difference that stands out, is the evolution of what is to be considered as a novelty and the impact made by a novelty act. In the 1930s, walking through the streets with your own package of homemade salt was an unobserved act by the average public at the time, hence a novelty act, that evoked a significant reaction, or rather successfully delivered a vindicated point to the masses. That was 1930, a time where words were considered more hurtful than sticks or stones, unlike obvious walls of paradoxical emotions today. Words no longer hurt, and violence never did much either. Activism means taking action, and in 1930s words were no different. Today, an action is not recognized by the expenditure of emotional and physical concentration towards a goal, but through its success or failure to grab attention and provide an embarked dictation onto the public. To be an activist, is to mean to succeed, not strive to achieve a vague state of moral fulfillment. Activism is not about donation box revolutions or Facebook profile picture interpretations. It has surpassed the prior historical limitation of the effects of words and preceding concepts, and has divulged into a realm of imaginative states that looks straight to implementing solutions. Activism is no longer an aim to publicize, rather achieve through innovative means. Imagination in today’s age is too precious to waste on designing posters and leaflets, when with all we have today it’s only the lack of imagination that remains as a step between aiming and achieving. Activism is no longer only for masses either, it can and will be championed by the individual as well.  All you need is some imagination. Stop maintaining the drudgery of the political scene by cracking the tired mother-son jokes on Rahul Gandhi as you did when he first arrived on the national scene 9 years ago. You want change, then just imagine it. Anything less, is always your own fault.


What is smartness?

Is someone smarter than me just because he or she can count ‘2 + 2 = 4’ faster than me? Or if somebody else can build something far more advanced or superior in structure, complexity and objectivity than me that basically performs a simple daily habitual function which any normal sane human being easily can? Or is it when some mind perceives the world and its various shapes and colours in a distinct way different than mine in the level of imagination or creativity?

For me, smartness is the instinct of knowing as to when things have gone beyond getting fucked up and having the anger, passion and sense of self sacrifice required at fixing them.

“Change is a dream; Change now is a hallucination.”

Change requires hard lining fabrications in the fundament thinking of individuals through the use of time and rationality. We humans today lack the basic understanding of life and its motions. Then how can you expect ourselves to change?

Change is as delusional as fairies and unicorns. Your thinking can have additions, but never subtractions. The hate of a human being or an entity shall always somewhere lie in your subconscious. Time requires patience, but change requires impulsion. Change cannot wait for time, and time cannot stop for change. The two opposites cancel out! The only change I can see is that of without reason, but instead with an ideology, and with the exclusion of time, but with the inclusion of sacrificial bloodshed of the non-violent. Viva Revolution! Inquilab Zindabad!

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