Morality is Inherently Against the Tide of Humanity

Morality is a phenomenon that outlives the limitations of human existence, happiness or progression. It asks for obedience, no matter how self–defeating the task at hand may be to the individual answering the call of need.  Yet, we are told morality is a prerequisite for humanity and an immortal society. It does not have sound limits or clear answers. It is meant to safeguard a right or wrong, which is its sole task. It only protects the right, and never the mind behind. We are all clichés in a game of an eventually ending game of chess.  The purpose is, like in every game, to protect the king at any cost. The game could end in complete destruction for the kingdom, but if the king lives on then all is good and one remains a moral soul. If morality aimed at prolonging a continuous existence, then every man or woman with ability above the average would be an aristocrat and the rest following admirers. If morality was for human progression and prolongation, then in a case where the death of a great thinker and a pack of beings were to be decided, we ought to root for the single great mind than the usual souls.  Yet, morality always roots for the many. Why? Because there is no single accepted morality, as it is primarily a book of commons. Some say you can kill, you can hate, you fight and you die. One says its only right, while the other asserts they are all wrong. They all will fight over till a single dominance is maintained. In the end, all will be lost. For in morality, victory is victory even if there is no one left to rejoice within its glory. Again, it is the king who only has to remain.


______________/You Decide

Why do people run after money? What’s the point? You’ll live in a lavish mansion, drive a luxury car, wear one of a kind designer clothes, eat exquisite food, etc etc..

But you will never enjoy the sensitive touch of a dew drop falling on your roughed up face; sliding down from the pearl in your eye to the valley on your slender neck…

The joy you gain from waking up every morning under the clouds and sun of a far away plain; a land which is not bound by the restrictions of society and its snakes…where neither you are the brightest nor the dullest flower in the lot….

Because you’re a flower whose scent can only spread and never be contained… no jar is big enough to prevent you from flowing freely; jumping from one wave of air to another…And with each jump you’ll realize…????? …

Isn’t that the question of life? heh..May be not…

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