The Truth Will Set You Free

[A day’s journey of two juveniles with a camera in a Delhi slum]

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The subsequent presentation is not indented towards imparting enlightening visions or beliefs, for the segregation of anxiety from well care or stress of concern for the solitary young survivors of the streets who need us for change. It is a mere amalgamation of the occurrings and social intersections of two considerably ideologically unformed representatives of the incumbent youth strand with the claimed substandard and ignorance deserving, by choice of some or many is for you to decide, offerings of fate. This endeavour initially began as an act of curiosity and a trigger to act, which on occasion transpired into the suction of self interest and knowing within an enigma of sordid human plight, precedents of minimal living and wells of discharged dreams.

The entire cataloguing of our actions can be condensed into an experiment on the Indian mind, its lack of emotions and sensations to change.

You are the conclusion, so what did you come up with?

You Decide!


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